Fully Balanced Integrated AmpPrecision HDAM Volume ControlMassive Torroidal Transfomer
MSRP : $3,999.00

Ultimate finesse often starts with brute over-engineering. At least, that's the case with the Marantz PM-11S2 Reference Series integrated amplifier.
The power supply, that critical stage that provides operating voltages for every circuitry stage, features a massive toroidal transformer newly configured for minimum mechanical vibration. Completely covered by an aluminum case, and mounted to the chassis on its own 10mm-thick aluminum base, this multiple-secondary device weighs 14.5 pounds in itself. Another power supply design element is a choke input using a large capacitor to eliminate high frequency noise. Schottky barrier diodes in the rectifier section provide high instantaneous current capability and quicker response than conventional circuit elements.

The PM-11S2's preamplifier section features fully balanced circuitry with liberal applications of Marantz's HDAM® (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) in their newest SA3 configuration. Sonically, the SA3 modules assure smooth stage-to-stage signal transitions and help provide the silken response so prized by audiophiles.

Each input includes a separate HDAM®-SA3 buffer stage that virtually eliminates unwanted interactions between source and amplifier. And, of course, the XLR input's buffer is a balanced HDAM® configuration. The phono input, ready for both MM and MC phono cartridges, boasts full constant current feedback topology implemented with discrete device. This minimizes the sonic discontinuity often observed with lower quality equalization circuits as LP signals range from low to high frequencies.

The final preamplifier stage includes a high-precision digital volume control. Augmented by more HDAM® devices, it provides easily repeatable gain settings as well as faultless transition from preamp to power amp stages.

On the amplifier side, the PM-11S2 evidences the same level of careful consideration. Signal traces, the copper "roads" that carry current, are far wider than convention dictates.

Configured as two "semi-monoblocks" that share only a common chassis, power cord, and transformer, each amplifier channel draws on the MA-9S2's minimalist two stage design in which a voltage amplifier determines overall gain and then feeds a current stage which provides the force needed to drive the loudspeakers of your choice.

The end result? An integrated amplifier comfortable with virtually any loudspeaker. With the ability to "double down" power into low impedances, the PM-11S2 often surpasses the speaker control capability of so-called "super amps".

A 5mm thick aluminum plate tops the rigid copper-plated chassis and its dual layer bottom provides a firm foundation for all internal components. Two sets of WBT speaker terminals and front panel A/B speaker switching add a rare level of convenience. You can also configure a pair of these remarkable components to bi-amp your favorite speakers. And F.C.B.S., our proprietary Floating Control Bus System, synchronizes for up to three PM-11S2s for multi-channel applications.

Front panel cosmetics are as advanced as the circuitry behind them. Indirect blue LEDs display status with a décor-friendly sophisticated elegance. You'll also be happy to note that the display is a low noise LCD that exacts no performance penalty as it keeps you informed about the PM-11S2's operation.

The Marantz PM-11S2. A true Reference in every sense of the word. Simplicity. Flexibility. And aural capability beyond your expectations. But isn't that exactly what you expect? After all, you're considering a Marantz.

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