PM-15S2B Limited

Integrated AmplifierEnhanced Bass ControlBlack Anodized Casework
MSRP : $2,499.00

While the PM-15S2 Limited features luxurious, black anodized aluminum casework, the beauty of this extraordinary new component runs more than skin deep. Key design attributes, some first explored in the award winning MA-9S2 monoblock amplifier, lift the sonic integrity of the 15 to a level that belies its approachable price. HDAM-SA3 modules offer high slew rate and low noise operation and contribute to the highly resolved sonic character of the component. A custom-wound torroidal power transformer anchors a high current, regulated power supply that’s been newly tuned for quick response. Twin 20,000 microfarad filter capacitors are custom made for Marantz and provide huge current reserves for enhanced bass control. A current feedback power amplifier delivers 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms and features a DC servo for superior low frequency response. Vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the fast, sonically neutral qualities of the constant current feedback moving magnet phono stage, as well as the vivid imaging afforded by a digitally controlled analog volume stage that boasts channel to channel accuracy within .5 dB. HDAM-SA2 modules are deployed in a buffer configuration at the CD input for enhanced linearity. A Bi-Mode setting makes it possible to operate two PM-15S2 as mono-integrated amplifiers for total left-right channel isolation while a power amp direct input allows complete integration with a home theater processor at the touch of a button.