Fully-balanced design; current feedback HDAM audio stages, whisper-quiet, high performance transport mechanism; analog-like presentation from a digital source.
MSRP : $5,999.00

Although most people think of the Marantz heritage as one based on preamplifiers and power amplifiers, remember that Marantz was the first company in the world to announce a Compact Disc player! Since that groundbreaking event, Marantz has led the way in offering advanced digital playback with an unwavering focus on sound quality. The SA-7S1, unabashedly designed for the finest two-channel music reproduction possible, continues that tradition.
Capable of playing CDs, CD-Rs, CR-RWs, and stereo SA-CDs, the SA-7S1 combines several significant technical accomplishments to advance your musical enjoyment.

As are other Reference products, the SA-7S1's circuitry is housed in a double-layer, copper shielded chassis for dimensional stability and thorough isolation for external radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference. The rear panel is copper-plated steel.

The segmented power supply includes a high-capacity toroid transformer entirely shielded by an aluminum shorting ring and a copper-plated case. This keeps magnetic radiation from affecting internal circuitry. Rectification is by Shottky barrier diodes while oversized storage capacitors are custom made to exacting Marantz specifications.

The transport itself is a Marantz-designed example of exceptional metalcrafting. The mechanism sits in a 10mm case of extruded aluminum while the disc drawer itself is cast to exacting tolerances. All serve operations and initial signal processing are performed by circuits mounted on a four layer glass epoxy board mounted close to the transport.

A Marantz-developed digital filter/DC filter/noise shaper with user-selectable characteristics operates on entire new algorithms to optimally process either PCM information from a CD or a DSD data stream from an SA-CD. These circuits are all controlled by a high-accuracy master clock for exceptionally low jitter.

A unique Digital Isolator completely separates ground connections between digital and analog circuitry for optimal isolation. After this, two D/A converters, each composed a four separate processors, provide 24-bit resolution for both PCM and DSD signals.

Analog circuitry follows the Marantz maxim of proven quality enhanced with the best contemporary technology. Fully balanced dual-differential circuits benefit from multiple HDAM modules in the critical I/V and low pass filter sections. The output buffer amps are HDAM-SA2 modules chosen for their outstanding speed and timbral accuracy.

For those who wish to experiment, the SA-7S1's rear panel BNC input facilitates connection of an external clock. A front panel switch and LED indicator assure proper operation with an external clock when desired.

Aesthetically, the SA-7S1 evidences the typical care that has always distinguished Marantz products. The clean yet functional design is yet another manifestation of our desire to meld sound quality and superior appearance. The SA-7S1 in indeed a Reference. And indeed a Marantz.

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