Fully-balanced design from input to output; current feedback HDAM topology, heavy guage aluminum billet casework; Marantz' preamplifier tour-de-force.
MSRP : $6,500.00

The SC-7S2 thoroughly updates the distinctive voice of the original Marantz Model 7 preamplifier and further improves on the acclaimed SC-7S1. This work of art defines new horizons in both musical performance and contemporary elegance. It is an enduring testament to the synergy of today's technologies with frequency response and channel separation far exceeding conventional requirements.
The SC-7S2 achieves these goals with a fully balanced current-feedback topology and a power supply based on a aluminum-encased toroid power transformer, Shottky barrier rectifier diodes, and low-ESR electrolytic storage capacitors for optimal power conditioning and distribution. Each input is fully buffered with Marantz-developed discrete circuitry for accurate signal transfer. Four Wolfson WM8816 high-precision multi-gang volume controls and 12 Marantz-proprietary HDAM-SA modules form an incredibly precise attenuation circuit fully capable of 0.5 dB resolution throughout its entire 100 dB range. Although the SC-7S2 is devoutly two-channel, it acknowledges multi-channel music with a floating bus (our F.C.B.S.) that allows you to control multiple units simultaneously for exciting multi-channel reproduction of any source.

The copper-plated aluminum chassis provides exceptional dimensional stability while copper and steel sub-members offer isolation from radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Adjustable muting and trim let you tailor the SC-7S2 to your preferences. You can turn off the display to totally reduce potential distractions. And a Marantz system remote control lets you enjoy the SC-7S2's exceptional performance from your favorite listening/viewing location.

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