Sep 05, 2012

Marantz introduces the PM‐11S3 Amplifier & SA‐11S3 SACD/CD Player

Marantz Demonstrates Two Reference Series Audio Components at CEDIA That Combine Superior Musicality with Total Connectivity, Ease-Of-Use and Advanced Features for the Digital Universe

- Clear Leadership in Quality Audio; Marantz’ PM‐11S3 Amplifier & SA‐11S3 SACD/CD Player -

Indianapolis, IN, September 5, 2012 –Marantz®, a world leader of advanced home entertainment solutions, will raise the bar in premium audio at CEDIA, showcasing the two latest additions to its acclaimed Reference Series high-end audio component line, the PM‐11S3 Integrated Amplifier (MSRP: $5499.99) and the SA‐11S3 SACD/CD Player (MSRP: $4499.99). Both uncompromising products combine superior audio reproduction capabilities with today’s most advanced connectivity features to provide discerning music lovers with the best way to enjoy all their favorite music, with access to more digital content and total ease-of-use. The PM-11S3 and SA-11S3 are available now.

PM-11S3 PM-11S3

The new components boast the renowned styling of the Reference Series, featuring luxurious black anodized aluminum cosmetics which reflect Marantz’ decades-long tradition of musical excellence.

PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier: Superior Sound, From All Sources
Engineered to reproduce a rich and full spectrum of sound from all today’s popular music sources, the Marantz PM-SA-11S3 11S3 delivers a powerful listening experience. Marantz’ proprietary HDAM® SA3 circuits provide a high slew rate, with low noise and a highly resolved sonic character, resulting in the purest possible reproduction of sound with the absolute minimum of output signal distortion. The rigid mechanical construction of the premium chassis, with a 5mm thick aluminum top cover (also featured on the SA-11S3 ), ensures the lowest possible vibration. The custom-wound torroidal power transformer anchors a high current, regulated power supply (full discrete power amplifier with V/I Servo). Additionally, to ensure very fast and accurate signal handling, Marantz’ new improved CCFB (Constant Current Feedback) technology provides full audio reproduction of the widest possible frequency range.

For vinyl enthusiasts, the PM-11S3 features a moving magnet phono stage that delivers the very best sound possible from a connected turntable, and the vivid audio imaging afforded by a digitally controlled analog volume stage boosts channel to channel accuracy within .5 dB. Marantz’ F.C.B.S (Floating Control Bus System) makes it possible to operate two PM11S3 amps in mono mode for total left-right channel isolation, while a power amp direct input allows for compete integration with a home theater processor at the touch of a button. Finally, the unit features Marantz’ original High quality/High‐purity Copper Speaker terminals for the purest possible audio signal path. A new simplified system remote controller, linear control volume and a new volume control IC (MAS), add to the PM11S3’s outstanding feature set.

SA-11S3 Reference Series Super Audio CD/CD Player Marantz has consistently led the industry as the world’s most sophisticated and reliable CD and SACD player technologies, including an advanced digital playback with a clear focus on superior sound. With its Marantz custom SACDM-2 -disc mechanism, the SA-11S3 Super Audio CD/CD Player reflects this tradition, outperforming virtually all players in its class. Capable of playing CDs, CD-Rs, CR-RWs, stereo and multi-channel SACDs, the SA-11S3 combines several significant technical accomplishments to enhance musical enjoyment, including a newly designed full‐balance, differential audio circuit for pristine sound.

The SA-11S3’s newly designed transport mechanism (SACDM‐2), has been re-voiced for greater speed and harmonic balance, and the Marantz designed linear power supply anchors an oversized torroidal transformer to provide the voltage stability and the freedom from noise that is necessary for best audio performance. The advanced transport mechanism employs resonance-resistant composite Xyron and is mounted to a heavyweight aluminum billet base for virtually vibration free response. Additionally, the SA-11S3 boasts a 192kHz/24bit High Current Audiophile DAC for music reproduction with the speed and immediacy of a live performance. For total flexibility, the unit’s USB‐B port works in asynchronous mode and is capable of 192kHz/24bit input.

Special audiophile grade decoupling capacitors help deliver crisp, clean power to the all-important DAC stages for enhanced audio transparency and a noise-free background, while Marantz analog audio circuits (HDAM® ‐SA2 and HDAM® modules), are utilized throughout the analog output stage for wide dynamic range and the best possible fidelity. Finally, audiophile-grade foil film capacitors and metallic film resistors are employed at critical points in the topology to further enhance performance. Meeting the needs of today’s music listener, the unit also features a USB‐A port on the front-panel for playback from iPhone, iPad and iPod or USB device, and a high-quality headphone output featuring HDAM‐SA2. Notably, both PM-11S3 and the SA-11S3 are eco-friendly, featuring auto standby for low power consumption when in the standby mode.

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