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Marantz SR7010 Named a Sound & Vision Top Pick!

“The Marantz SR7010 has nine amp channels, Dolby Atmos decoding, DTS:X upgradability, and even Auro-3D upgradability, making it as futureproof as a receiver can currently be.”

Sound & Vision 2015 Top Picks Of the Year Top Pick of the year (12/07/2015)

Home Theater Review's Best of 2015 Awards (12/07/2015)

“If you are looking for a new 11.2 channel processor, the Marantz AV8802 a sure bet.”

Review of the SR5009 from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity (1/28/2015)

Marantz has always been known for their excellent sound quality, and the SR5009 is no exception. - Jim Milton

Review of the SR6008 from Trusted Reviews (1/24/2014)

Whichever way you slice it, the SR6008 is a fantastic AV receiver that ticks all the boxes. It's easy on the eye, jam-packed with features, remarkably easy to use andoffers a potent, detailed and refined sound. - Danny Phillips

Review of the PM6005 and CD6005 from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity (1/24/2014)

If you are in the market for components of this type under $1,000, the Marantz PM6005 Integrated Amplifier and CD6005 CD Player should be on your short list. - Don Disbennett review on the Marantz AV8801 Surround Processor & MM8077 Amplifier (2/20/2013)

Musically, the AV8801 is extremely transparent and invites you into the audio presentation with a front-row seat....I can say the same for other recordings I listened to through the Marantz—they just sounded better than I had ever heard before." - David Vaughn

Popular Mechanics Review of the AV8801 (1/24/13)

If you do decide to go with a 4K television, this AV receiver will help. The AV8801 up-converts an HD signal to 4K, improving the pixel resolution and making the game look much crisper. The 530- to 1710-kHz frequency range is wide enough to support reference speakers and astound everyone in the room. But the big perk here is the 11.2-channel surround sound. You can have two subwoofers—maybe one up front by the television and one in the back of the room—and 11 surround-sound speakers.” - John Brandon

AV reviews AV8003 AV Pre/Processor (9/3/2009)

Viewed simply as a preamp this controller is close to state-of-the-art; considering that you also get a full multi-channel decoder and Audyssey processor it is almost ideal for a mixed music and theater system. - Tom Martin

AV reviews IS301 iPod dock (7/21/2009)

The IS301 is at its very best for music playback, where the IS301’s innovative and portable Bluetooth handset lets you control playback directly from the iPod’s own user interface—an option not all competing docks allow.-Chris Martens

The absolute sound reviews PM-11S2 integrated amplifier (7/21/2009)

... Add to this a refinement that matches the ritzy fit and finish and you're looking at one of the best sub-$5k integrated amps available. Very nicely done, Marantz! - Neil Gader

Secret of Home Theater and High Fidelity reviews SA-7S1 Flagship CD Player (7/21/2009)

The Marantz SA-7S1 is the smoothest sounding SACD player I have ever heard. - John Johnson

Tone Audio reviews SA-7S1/SC-7S2/MA-9S2 Flagship Reference System (7/1/2009)

... and the level of sound quality should be able to keep even the fussiest audiophile happy. - Jeff Dorgay

Home Theater reviews IS301 iPod Dock (6/19/2009)

if you do not already have a dock or will use the enhanced features, I strongly recommend giving the IS-301 a close look. - Brian Kahn

Good Sound! reviews the PM8003 Integrated Amplifier (6/18/2009)

The Marantz PM8003 is a fine amplifier! It has all the inputs and outputs you could want, and delivered sound as good as anything I’ve heard for the price - Thom Moon

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity reviews the PM8003 Integrated Amplifier (6/18/2009)

Clearly Marantz still is committed to bring decent two channel gear to market, and if this is how good the budget line sounds I am eager to hear their Reference series. - Jared Rachwalski

GoodSound! reviews the SA8003 SA-CD Player

In fact, Marantz’s SA8003 SACD/CD player might be the finest CD player I’ve ever experienced. - Thom Moon

Positive Feedback reviews the SA-7S1 SACD Player

Even after a few short weeks, it is hard for me to imagine being without the SA-7. I think this lovely lady may be "the one." - Dr. Sardonicus

Home Entertainment Dec '06 reviews the VP-11S1 "Marantz' VP-11S1 is asuperb projector, and we find it difficult to imagine how it could be improved' David Birch-Jones

The Absolute Sound TT-15S1 review, Jan-07 issue

Robert Greene of The Absolute Sound says "I do not see how one could ask for more at the price. I pulled out many a vinyl favorite with much satisfaction. You will too."

The Perfect Vision - SR8001 review

Marantz's SR8001 is a superb mid-priced receiver - one geared to please videophiles and audiophiles alike.

Ultimate A/V review of DV9600 universal player "Stunning picture and sound on DVD-Video"

The Absolute Sound - Robert Harley - SA-11S1

Sound & Vision, May 2006, First Look - Marantz DAvED Technology

Home Entertainment on Marantz's Series 11 Reference Components

New York Times on Marantz DAvED technology

Audio/Video Revolution on the Marantz VP-12S4

Stereo Times on the Marnatz SA-11S1

Centurion Magazine on the Marantz SR9600

Hi-Fi News on the Marantz SC-7S1 and MA-9S1

HiFi4ALL on the Marantz SC-7S1 and MA-9S1

Hi-Fi News on the Marantz SA-15S1 and PM-15S1

EISA Best Product, PM-15S1


ROBB REPORT ON THE Marantz Reference Series MA-9S1


WIDESCREEN REVIEW on the Marantz VP-12S3