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NA7004Network Audio Player and USB DAC
MSRP : $799.00

The NA7004 makes your home entertainment world far, far larger than you imagined. The NA7004 connects to your home network, interfacing with other connected components while putting you in touch with virtually everything on the web.  It gives you easy ways to listen to the music you’ve already stored on an iPhone or other portable music player, and stream audio from a wide variety of sources. You may also enjoy music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly with the optional RX101 module.


Concerned about listening to compressed audio from a portable source or wireless connection?  Don’t be.  Marantz’s exclusive M-DAX2 circuit restores often-missing high frequencies to make your entire digital music collection fully listenable.

Streaming Media

Access the world of Internet streamed media through various user interfaces and software. For example, you can choose from 1000s of Internet radio stations with vTuner.  Listen to your favorite music through Rhapsody, Napster, and Pandora.  In other words, connect!



Hard disc and Web-based Media

Front and rear panel USB inputs expand your musical horizons as never before.  Now you can enjoy your iPhone and iPod audio via a digital connection and hear them anew though your audio system courtesy of the NA7004’s advanced circuitry.  USB connectivity supports 24-bit files at sampling rates from 32 to 96 kHz for high fidelity playback of all your on-the-go music.


The NA7004’s Ethernet connection is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 and Windows 7 compliant. This means it’s easier for you access and enjoy digital music stored on your PC; Use your PC to play high bit rate music content through your audio system, or use the NA7004 to browse and play music files on your hard drive.

Bluetooth Wireless Audio (with optional RX101)

Don’t forget wireless audio either.  Just plug the optional RX101 Bluetooth module into the NA7004’s rear panel M-XPort connector and enjoy traditional Marantz sound quality from your favorite Bluetooth-capable sources such as iPod, iPad and smart-phones.

In addition to your iPod and iPhone files, you can access high definition digital music files from the web or “push” them from your computer through NA7004 to the rest of your system.

The NA7004 accepts data from any USB storage device from flash drive to hard drive.

Flexible Digital Outputs

The NA7004 includes two rear-panel digital outputs. These outputs provide an S/PDIF signal even when the USB input is receiving iTunes music files.

Extraordinary Sound Quality

You’ll find high quality parts throughout the NA7004.  Chosen only after extensive listening tests, they contribute exceptional performance levels to critical circuits.  In the analog section, Marantz-proprietary HDAM SA2 circuits handle critical buffering and stage-to-stage signal transition. Symmetrical signal traces help maintain perfect synchronization between Left and Right channels for rock-stable imaging and a convincing soundstage.

An impedance-matching copper plate inside the rear panel just behind the analog outputs improves signal-to-noise performance and channel separation to preserve the NA7004’s outstanding imaging capabilities.

A shield around the digital outputs is but a further detail in Marantz’s quest for quieter operation as it prevents digital noise from affecting sensitive analog circuits.

While it meets the digital-convenience demands of today’s music lover the NA7004 also delivers sound quality that speaks to Marantz’ leading position in the world of high end audio.  Indeed, the NA7004 represents a rare marriage of current feature-set with high performance audio circuitry.

The D/A Converter

The Cirrus CS4398 stereo D/A Converter offers several advantages.  An advanced multi-bit Delta-Sigma architecture handles 24-bit/192kHz digital signals, and boasts extraordinary dynamic range as well as equally exceptional signal-to-noise performance so your digital music files provide the warmth, detail, and resolution you demand.

Better Headphone Listening

The headphone output includes a high-speed current buffer circuit for minimal interference with the main audio output circuit, maximum articulation, stability, and fatigue-free listening.

Final Features

Complete with a soft-touch Power/Standby switch and full-function remote, the NA7004 displays top-shelf playback qualities regardless of your digital source.

A true Marantz, it contains the most advanced circuits in a chassis that’s a stunning contemporary expression of the traditional Marantz “look.“  For those of you that rack your home entertainment components, the RMK8754MSP rack kit will be available shortly.

As do other new Marantz components, the NA7004 sets a new standard for audiophile-grade reproduction of your music – regardless of where it came from.  It is the embodiment of the flexibility you demand from Marantz.

For operational and technical assistance 24/7, use our self help Online Support Center, where answers to many common questions can be found.

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